Pear, Beetroot Hummus
and Mozzarella

This smokey hummus sandwich works brilliantly against a really creamy cheese like mozzarella.

We’ve made it seriously indulgent, using some earthy, but really piquant ingredients such as pan fried pears.

Vegan 'Smoked Salmon'

Okay, so its not really smoked salmon, but the modern world is dishing out lots of creative ideas, with cool ways we can make familiar flavours and textures from vegetables.

The Dirty Humous
Chip Butty

A homage to a great comfort food. We have recreated this kebab-shop classic with
All the great additions you’ll find in your local kebab shop. This wrap features
Moorish smoked humous, fresh chips, grated carrot, delicious middle eastern
Tabouleh, chilli pickles, spicy hot sauce and moorish aioli. If you wish to make this
Vegan, simply leave out the aioli, or use a vegan mayonnaise.

Moorish Green Pea humous
Green Pea Falafels with
Grilled Courgettes, Feta and Mint Pittas

Give your falafels an injection of zing and life with green peas. It’s a perfect marriage with our moorish green pea humous, when served in toasted pittas with grilled courgettes, feta and mint. 

Sloppy Joes
Spiced Aubergine Mince

A twist on the american classic of spiced mince in a burger Bun. We’ve made it vegetarian with soy or quorn mince and
Given it a middle eastern makeover. Serve on top of moorish Baba ganoush with other classic middle eastern toppings, such as mint, pomegranate and toasted pine nuts.

Hot Lamb Steak

A Classic Steak Sandwich Is Always Applauded, But A Well-seasoned Lamb Steak,
(A “lambwich” If You Will…) Means You Can Bring A Whole New Middle Eastern
Dimension To It. In This Case, We’ve Gone With Moorish Smoked Humous With Chilli
Harissa , A Shredded Onion Salad, Pomegranate, Watercress And Mint, Served
Classic Sandwich Style.

Chilli Turkey

Moorish Smoked Humous with Chilli Harissa is packed with warm smoked & spiced flavour – which makes it easy to create a deliciously rich and flavourful dish. 

Cauliflower Soup
Parsnip, Garlic &

With earthy root vegetables and a comforting hit of garlic and apple, this soup is sure to give you a warm cosy feeling. The Moorish Garlic Aioli means you won’t need to add any cream– the Aioli brings both the punchy earthiness and creaminess required for this ultimate home-comfort dish. Finish with caramelized apple and onion for added texture.