Julie Waddell
our Founder and Creative Inspiration

It all started with a fussy toddler who suddenly declared he was bored of plain humous.  Our foodie founder (and that toddler’s Mum) Julie, racked her brains to come up with a way to make humous more exciting – and the uniquely delicious Moorish taste was born. 


By naturally and gently cold-smoking chickpeas Julie created a uniquely delicious range of humous loved by children and grown-ups alike.  The store-cupboard ingredients and the loving care that went into those first kitchen experiments are still at the heart of Moorish today.  


All of our products are made in Britain with no additives and are 100% GMO free.  

Our Mission

Julie and the Moorish team are passionate about doing things properly… and our customers tell us it shows in the taste & quality of our products. Moorish smoked humous & dips are made using ingredients that are gently & naturally cold smoked in Britain. With no additives (and guaranteed GMO-free), Moorish is simply full of goodness and flavour. Devilishly moreish but secretly saintly Moorish is packed with healthy goodies.