Garlic Aioli
with Sicilian Lemon

Our creamy, garlicky Aioli with Sicilian Lemon is so delicious…. one spoonful is never enough! Served on the side as a dip for garlicky prawns, grilled chicken, sweet potato chips or slathered over grilled veggies or roasted, salted baby potatoes, it won't take long to devour a single pot!

with Aubergine

The Moorish take on this traditional Middle-Eastern dip is simply divine. Unlike some other Babas on the shelf, we have carefully created a recipe with no strange-sounding 'gum' to keep our product stable.  With gloriously glossy aubergines and the trademark Moorish smokiness... if you haven't tried it yet, well, what are you waiting for? Free from artificial ingredients, gluten-containing ingredients.