Welcome to lovemoorish

Welcome to the home of our unique award-winning Moorish Smoked Humous & dips....

At Moorish we believe in using traditional artisan methods to create incredibly delicious food. All our products have a unique smoked twist, which is what makes them taste incredible.

We’re passionate about doing things properly...and our customers tell us it shows in the taste & quality of our products. Moorish smoked humous & dips are made using ingredients that are gently & naturally cold smoked in Britain.

With no additives (and guaranteed GMO-free), Moorish is simply full of goodness and flavour. Devilishly moreish but secretly saintly Moorish is packed with healthy goodies.

We like to talk to our devilish dippers on Facebook and Twitter; please do come and join in the chat.

We’re proud to have won @theopaphitis small business competition #SBS, see our profile on his website here; http://theopaphitissbs.com/profile/TLSFC/http://theopaphitissbs.com/profile/TLSFC/shapeimage_10_link_0